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Our studio boasts an impressive 40ft live room, and is fully equipped with a large array of equipment both new and old to help you find your sound. Combining the best of the digital and analogue worlds, we mix the finest pre amps with the very latest in digital audio technology to give your music a sound that is both flawless and timeless.

We’re constantly upgrading and investing in our equipment to ensure we always have the highest standards.

In 2007 Cluny Studios was completely re-equipped and refurbished with the latest digital recording technology. Together with a new live room with fantastic natural reverb, Cluny Studios is one of the best recording facilities around.




  • Pro Tools HD 10.2
  • Control 24
  • Mackie 2.1 monitors (HRS120 & 2x HR824)
  • Apple Mac Pro Quad 3.0Ghz
  • Various HD/TDM Plug Ins



  • Phoenix Audio DRS8 - 8 Ch Class A Mic Pre-Amp
  • Avalon 737SP
  • Avalon 747SP
  • Focusrite Liquid Channel
  • TL Audio C1 x2
  • Envoice Mindprint
  • Control 24 16 Class A Mic Pre




  • Neumann U87Ai
  • SE Gemini Tube Mic
  • AKG C414, 451, D251, D112
  • Rode NT2, NTK, NT5
  • EV (Vintage Mic, model not specified) x4
  • Sennheiser E604 x4, E606, E902
  • Plus many more



We have a wide range of top high end software which we can use for mastering.







This represents just a small amount of the equipment we have at the studio.

To find out about our full range give us a call on:
0191 232 3934
or email
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